Savvy Minerals Eyeliner

Bring out the natural beauty of your eyes with Savvy Minerals by Young Living Eyeliner. It’s made with mineral-based ingredients and is an ideal eyeliner for sensitive skin. This eyeliner has a long-lasting, high color payoff. Its buildable color blends well to create neutral day and dramatic night looks. Our mineral eyeliner is made of a finely ground mineral base that creates a smooth, luxurious application.
You can apply it dry or wet. A contact lens case works great for mixing up some liquid eyeliner. Spray the misting spray into the case and then add the eyeliner powder before brushing on to your eyelash line. 


Savvy Minerals MultiTasker

Define and accentuate your eyes with one tool that does the job of several. Savvy Minerals MultiTasker acts as an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and eye shadow, all in one. Use it to add drama and definition to your look in a single swipe. With rich pigments, the dark shade blends beautifully for a smooth, even and buildable application.
Savvy Minerals MultiTasker dark mineral powder is perfect for creating a dramatic evening look or a natural look for a day at the office. Long lasting, you can apply it dry to the lash line for a smoky eye that’s totally sultry, or use it with a wet brush to create a chic cat eye effect. No matter how you use it, start small and build until you get the exact look you’re after. With a fine texture and rich pigment, this blendable mineral colour applies smoothly on eyelids, lash lines, brows, and more.
Savvy Minerals MultiTasker is so versatile! The MultiTasker can be used as an eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow and hair filler! Yes add it to your dry shampoo to touch up your roots!